August 31, 2014

Alright, we’ve got the trailer loaded and we’ve been working Toby out a little. We are ready for the Virginia opener for early goose tomorrow. Glad to be up and running on our own web domain again. It gives us a little more flexibility on the content available. Thanks for the friends that are still on board with us. Get-Em Locked Up Calls, Premiere Flight Outfitters, and Hook & Hunt TV. Great folks,great products. Click on their banners below give them some of your support. Speaking of Toby, we really never properly introduced him as the newest member of the team. Here’s a pic of him below.


August 27, 2014

The J&H Waterfowl Team is back up and running, ready for another season. The first day of the early season is just a few days away. We will be pulling the trailer out Friday and dusting off the cobwebs. We have a few prospects for new areas to hunt this year. We managed to maintain those areas that were productive for us last year. We finished with 135 birds last year and 173 the year before. Not too shabby for a handful of weekend warriors. We encourage you to follow our YouTube channel, as it will hopefully showcase a few pretty good POV shots again this year. We have to give a shout out to a new call maker that is not too far from the house here in Central Virginia. GP Calls has an excellent goose call on the market now. Click on the banner below and put one on your lanyard this year.

Grit Pack Waterfowlers and Grit Pack Calls

November 17, 2012

Jeff, Brandon, and Dave, Sr. had contacted the General Manager of a very nice Horse Farm we had secured permission to hunt last year. They were informed that one of the ponds had been covered with geese for quite a while. The Manager wanted very much to do something about the nuisance the geese were creating. After breakfast the three team members headed out to the farm to start setting out the spread. To make a long story short the birds started coming before the they could get half the spread set. The team proceeded putting the smackdown on 9 birds. The regular season here in Central Virginia started back November 17, with only a 3 per day limit. Needless to say, the team had to pack up with birds still trying to land in the spread. They told the manager they would be back in a couple of days. Video

February 3, 2012

Jeff and Brandon had made plans to guide a co-worker and his son in one of our currently productive fields. We have managed to shoot this particular field sparingly and have also limited the shots into small flocks as much as possible. The colder weather a few weeks prior, along with the recently warmer trend, has congregated a fairly sizable amount of birds in the Central Virginia region. Dave, Jr. had hunted this field solo on Wednesday the 1st and had taken a 5 bird limit before  8am–shooting two small flocks. The team arrived in the field a little after 6 am and had started setting up. Shortly after, they noticed another vehicle entering the field. Jeff went out to check on who it was and discovered another local waterfowler who had obtained permission to hunt this farm also. A mutual agreement was made for this hunter and his team member to hunt with the J&H team. To make a long story short, the team did manage to scratch out 5 birds. The necessity to change plans on the fly coupled with the additional blinds to conceal added to the difficulty factor. They also learned that although we have tried to minimize the pressure on this field the last couple of weeks, this other team has been hunting it as well. In the long run the hunt to turned out to be far more productive in terms of new friendships formed with another local team. All in all, a good day in the field for the J&H Waterfowl Team.

January 21, 2012

                                                                            The Mud Hunt

Saturday morning started out looking pretty questionable whether we would try a morning hunt or not. The previous night the team had decided on a horse farm pond hunt. With those plans in mind it all hinged on what the weather would wind up doing. The forecast was for sleet and ice–changing to rain later. At 5am the trees were already covered with a thin film of ice–the backroads supplied a few slippery spots as well. We loaded the blinds and decoys and headed into town for breakfast and some last minute changes to the previous plans. Over biscuits and gravy it was decided to take our time getting set up because we figured the weather would keep the birds hunkered down until later anyway. We arrived at the pond around 715am and began laying out the spread. We placed the dekes on the northside of the pond to take advantage of the northeast wind. We added some shells to the mix along the bank in a tight resting position giving the illusion of a day roost–hopefully. We arranged plenty of floaters along with some mallards about 25 yards off of the bank. The birds started moving at around 8am–avoiding the airspace in the immediate vicinity of our location due to the recent barrage of anti-aircraft fire emanating from this position. The birds already had a destination in mind. We watched flock after flock landing on the farm adjacent to us. We had decided long ago this farm is obviously owned by a PETA volunteer–thus the decision of our winged friends. Finally around 10am a few ducks decided to buzz the dekes resulting in a few volleys and 4 in the bag. We finally decided to hang it up aroud noon and find some lunch. Five waterfowlers with hungry bellys entered the BBQ Xchange and proceeded to pig out. After lunch we headed to Goodwin’s pond and tried a little jumpshooting on some Woodies and Buffleheads. We all agreed that we were pleased the “America’s Funniest Home Video’s” cameras weren’t rolling. On the trip back to the house at around 130pm, Brandon, David, and Jon inadvertently found a small flock circling one of our fields looking to put the feedbag on. That group, seeing our trucks, left the field and headed back east. We watched another small flock of 8 lock up and set down in the middle of the field about 100 yards out. A few minutes after that, flock after flock got up off of a pond about a mile to the south of us. We flushed the 8 out and made a beeline to the ranch and grabbed the layout blinds and some silhouettes for a quick set up. We were brushing the blinds in a little after 2pm with the icy stubble on the hilltop we set up on.  Jeff and I had decided to make a short run back to the house to get the Reelwing flyers–having a pretty good wind blowing on the wide open hilltop–leaving Brandon and David resting comfortably in the Final Approach blinds. After Jeff and I returned we discovered that right after we had pulled the truck out onto the road the first group had locked up and sailed into the small spread of Real Geese silhouettes. The dead-eye duet put one in the bag. Upon returning Jeff and I–after getting the Reelwings airborne–climbed back into the blinds. The wind was intermittent resulting in a lackluster performance by the Reelwings. While we were out of the blinds–looking like school kids in March trying to fly a kite–a small group of 5 were making their way towards us from the south. With a few clucks from our calls they locked up at about 300 yards and homed in on the middle of our horseshoe spread. Just before they set down at 15 yards the Benelli’s sprayed the group with a combination of Black Cloud and Blindside BB’s. Mother goose wouldn’t have been happy with the outcome. The “Mud Hunt’ ended with 10 geese added to the year’s total and 4 happy J&H Waterfowl Team members. Luckily we only had to shoot into small groups the first time this year we’ve shot this field. As long as the amount of birds we laid eyes on today hangs around the area, we should get a few more good shoots in before the February 15th closer. After the hunt the J&H Team decided that this hunt would forever be remembered as “The Mud Hunt”. It began on an icy pond and ended in a muddy cornfield. There were plenty of grins and muddy rear ends.

(Brandon after “The Mud Hunt”)

January 17, 2012

Jeff and Dave, Jr. set up at the pond on Waverly Farm. We used our layout blinds and brushed them in with the grass surrounding the pond. The first group of 8 came in about 8:40am. We dropped the ball on who was gonna call the shot and let them get by us. We managed to get 2 before they got out of range. At about 9:30am, 4 geese broke off from a large group and came into the spread on a string. Jeff called the shot and 3 splashed down–with one sailing away. Unfortunately, after a 20 minute search it couldn’t be located. While we were breaking the spread down at about 10:30am we heard a single in the distance. Jeff had already taken his Benelli back to the truck while we retrieved one we had downed earlier–which had sailed a pretty good ways off. I dove into the blind as quick as I could–figuring the bird had spotted the movement and would flare. Jeff had jumped into his blind as well and had turned the I-Kam Extreme on to capture the action. The single locked up and dropped altitude like an Apache helicopter. Just before he touched down in the pond at about 25 yards I raised up and the Benelli M1 Super 90 sent a load of Black Cloud #3’s through the Kick’s Vortex IC(Brandon got me for Christmas) in his direction. He toppled into the water and the hunt was officially over.  Count: Jeff-(3), Dave, Jr.-(3). The action was captured on the I-Kam.

January 13, 2012

The J&H Waterfowl Team is proud to announce a new friend in the world of waterfowling. Rob Stucker has been a waterfowl guide for 18 years. Rob is now with one of the best Guide Services in the country, Premier Flight Guide Service–and without a doubt the top in the Rochester, Mn. area. If you are within driving distance of Rochester you’ve got to book a hunt with these guys. Canadas, Snows, and Ducks–Rob and Premier Flight Guide Service has you covered. Check out their site today and see the”difference” the right outfitter makes. The season for Canadas is over in a lot of states. If you’re ready for some Snow Goose action now book a hunt in Arkansas, Missouri, Nebraska, or South Dakota.

January 12, 2012

Set up by myself in the field that I spotted the 350-400 Honkers in Monday morning. You would have thought a slam dunk was fixin’ to happen. Got skunked. Thick fog set in with heavy wind right at sun-up. Heard a few birds in the distance at 8 am, never seen them and they never saw me. By the time the fog cleared the game was over. That’s why they call it huntin’ not killin’. Did pick up another farm to hunt about 20 miles north of home. There have been thousands of birds coming in to that area the last couple of weeks. Maybe a slam dunk is around the corner–we’ll see. Don’t forget to check out my buddy Shawn Stahl’s site and pick up some of the best “in your face’ goose hunting action with his Fowl Pursuit videos. It’s the next best thing to having a slam dunk hunt.

January 9, 2012

Two drakes and a suzie at the island before the snow fell. 350-400 Honkers in one of our fields. Hopefully get in early Thursday and limit out before the big flights. Only a handful in the spot early. Between 8:30 and 9:00 the flaps were down. It’s on like a chicken bone


January 4, 2012

Extremely cold temperatures in the last couple of weeks have pushed quite a few of the resident honkers out of the area around Central Virginia. We have found that the few flocks that are moving are doing so late in the morning. The birds have been decoy shy and have responded to very little calling as opposed to being aggressive on the call. The flights have been fairly high~~well out of gun range~~indicating obvious sky busting by the uninformed “sportsmen” around the area. Don’t forget to check with Bill Maholland over at Get-Em Locked Up Calls for his line of new duck calls. Bill offers some of the best calls on the market today and the customer service is exceptional. Get a couple of the calls used and endorsed by the J&H Waterfowl Team on your lanyard today.

August 25, 2010

Hey folks check out a great new community the J&H Waterfowl Team endorses. If you live and breathe waterfowl then Duck Junkies is where you need to be. Join a community of like minded waterfowlers today.

August 20, 2010

We would like to announce a good friend in the hunting world. Jim Crowley with Hook & Hunt TV. Check out their site today. Goose season is right around the corner. As Jim says, “follow our migration”.

August 14, 2010

Had a great time at The Virginia Outdoor Sportsman show. Met a ton of new friends while with the “G Crew” booth of Get-Em Locked Up Calls. One of the fine folks we met was Brian Watkins of Watkins Duck Calls. One of our friends Chad Adams and his team at  Webfoot Mafia uses Brian’s calls exclusively. That right there speaks volumes about the quality of Brian’s calls. Remember early Goose season is right around the corner. Order “The Revelation”-one of the loudest calls on the market for those high flyers and migrators-but you can also can get down soft and low for finishing work. Check out the new “Out On Bail” as well.  Order online now.

December 13, 2009

The J&H Waterfowl Team is proud to announce a new friend in the world of waterfowl.  Shawn Stahl is the owner of Fowl Pursuit.  The Fowl Pursuit Team is dedicated to providing you the latest in waterfowling techniques, gear and knowledgeable advice. For some of the best waterfowl videos on the market today, visit Shawn and his team at


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