J&H Waterfowl Team


You have found the home of the best Waterfowling Team on the planet. The J&H Waterfowling Team will take you on an exciting journey through the World of Waterfowling. Join us as we pursue the majestic Canada Goose and his waterfowl brethren the Mallard, Pintail, and Wood Duck.

We are a group of “Weekend Waterfowling Warriors”just like you who enjoy, to the fullest, this wonderful sport. We are a perfect example that with practice and good instruction from some of the industry greats like Tim Grounds, Fred Zink, and Will Primos and with products from Waterfowl industry leaders like Get-Em Locked Up Calls, Avery Outdoors and Realtree, you too can be successful.

We started a few years ago and the original team of Dave Jr., Dave Sr., Jeff, and Brandon harvested 5 birds the first year. Since then with quite a number of hours practicing calling and watching videos from Grounds, Zink, and Primos we have become pretty doggone good if we say so our self.

Follow us through the Waterfowling season beginning each September and running right on up into February. Watch the Benellis’ blaze and the Remingtons’ report as one by one they succumb (thumb their noses) to the devastating (barrage of misses) firepower delivered by this trained team.Whether it is in the cornfields of the local farms, or on the lakes and rivers of Virginia you will be able to keep up with the staggering(# of shells wasted) totals harvested each year by this amazing team.


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