We at J&H Waterfowl first and foremost strive to promote Ethics, Conservation, and Strong Moral Convictions in the sport of hunting. We adhere, and encourage others to do so as well, to all State and Federal game regulations and harvest limits. The phrase on our home page, “you will be able to keep up with the staggering totals harvested each year by this amazing team”, is said with tongue in cheek humor only. We certainly scare a whole lot more than we harvest. We have the utmost respect for all of God’s creatures, and marvel everyday at the Majesty of His Creation.

We believe firmly in all the great principles this great Nation was founded on……Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. We support any Individual or Organization that feels the same.  We stand united against any Individuals or Organizations that don’t believe we live in the Greatest Country on the face of the earth.

We stand in support and have the greatest respect for our Men and Women of the Armed Forces. Without their sacrifices each and every day,the freedoms we hold so dear would not be possible. (Pictured above is Dave, Jr.–one of the members on the team who served with the 101st Airborne Division in the first Gulf War).

We invite you to join us on this journey of the great sport of waterfowling we enjoy. Please visit and support those sponsors and friends that we have the utmost respect for. We look forward to meeting new people that share this common bond of the love of the outdoors with us.  Please support your States’ Natural Resources and Wildlife Agencies.  Without them this sport would not be possible……Thank You…

                                                 The J&H Waterfowl Team



By day this handsome gentleman leads a ragtag team of nuclear mechanics,but once he gets out of his Supervisors attire and dons his camo outerwear,he becomes a Waterfowl Wrecking Machine.Putting a Benelli in his hands amongst a bunch of geese is like giving a monkey a loaded pistol, GEESE ARE GONNA GET HURT!



One of the youngest members of the J&H Team this Super Black Eagle wielding “Ladies Man” is undoubtedly the most lethal of the bunch. His lightning quick reflexes and young strong back have come in handy in a number of situations. (Hey us old dudes get tired a little quicker toting decoys these days). When He’s not out “melting the young girls hearts”, he pitches in and helps provide the J&H Team with some of the most lethal firepower a Benelli can provide. “The girlys’ love him and the geese fear him”.

Dave, Jr.                                                                                   

     Dave Jr.

First of all a note to all you ladies out there,this dashing stud is not available from September to February(but March thru August you can leave your contact info and I’ll get back to you when I can). By days this breathtaking specimen of a man works in the law enforcement field, But when the leaves start falling and the geese start moving, he transforms into a “Waterfowling Warrior” in the corn field. Along with his trusty Benelli he begins to wreak havoc on the Waterfowl population(usually scaring a great many more than He harvests’).But He has a good time.


Mild mannered truck driver by night–Goose wrecking machine by day. When this young gun raises up from the blind the geese are going down baby! He makes his Benelli Nova sound like a M249 Squad Automatic Weapon. Brianna loves him and the geese fear him.



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